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Do you intend to establish your innovative technologies, products and services on the German market? Do you want to make contact with your line of industry, your potential customers or within a specific region? Do you want to communicate your company’s concept of sustainability? Or are you searching for suitable staff for further growth?

But you lack both the resources and expertise for communicating with the German press and public? We can provide that competence for your company!

Grüne Welle Kommunikation – What does that mean?

Grüne Welle Kommunikation (Grü|ne Wel|le Kom|mu|ni|ka|ti|on) has an ambiguous meaning in German:

„Grüne Welle“ is a progressive signal system that allows people to arrive at their destination more quickly, since traffic lights will always be green if they travel at constant speed. Figuratively speaking it also means getting quick results.
„Grüne Welle“ is a paraphrase for all „green“ topics like environment, cleantech, renewable energy, CO2 reduction, sustainability, etc.

Why us?

Since 2011, Grüne Welle Kommunikation, located in Munich, is successfully promoting the good reputation of its customers, whether in the cleantech / green tech sector and in renewable energies, in the classical high-tech and industrial division or in information technology and telecommunication. Founder and owner Frank Brodmerkel has extensive experience in brand communication.

Our goal is to obtain sustained attention in the media market for your company with fresh ideas and new topics. We position your company as a trustworthy partner for meaningful and continuos dialogue – not only with media representatives, but also with the multipliers of your target groups.

As a small PR agency, we can offer the following advantages:

  • Industry know-how and a clear thematic focus
  • Full one-stop services
  • One face to the customer – contact and coordinator for all services
  • Network of experts for your specific communication needs and the view outside the box
  • Predictable success that pays off – transparent pricing on flat-fee and project basis
  • Integrated communication, on request with social media relations
  • Sustainability and loyalty in cooperation with our customers


For further information please find our English agency presentation here…